I am a young French software engineer that loves programming and mathematics.

I started learning programming when I was in high school with JavaScript, then C and C++ during college, and now I focus on Backend technologies (NodeJs, RoR, Python & Golang). I am very interested in distributed systems and big data.
I spend a lot of time improving myself by working on side projects, reading CS blogs, website, and books. I like challenges and solving complex problems.
I am currently working on a microservices architecture that will be easy to scale.

I lived 6 months in Edinburgh to improve my English and I studied 1 year in China. I like traveling and I would like to visit South Korea and Japan.
I am interested in the digital art and photography.

Computer Knowledges

  • Languages
  • Golang
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Framework
  • VueJS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Database
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • Extra
  • Machine Learning
  • Data visualization
  • Microservices
  • Tools / Methods
  • Git
  • Docker
  • TDD
  • Common
  • Algorithms
  • Design Patterns
  • Mathematics

Work Experience

Backend developer ruby on rails Libertrip

Internship april 2014 - august 2015 in Euratechnologie, Lille, France
During my first month in Libertrip I integrated new features in the main application in Rails / Backbone.
After this month I spent my time building an API in Rails to query the application. To create it I had to incorporate several other API from channel manager together.
I then built a web client to read and handle the data.
Ruby on railsBackboneAngularJSPostgreSQLMongoDB

Web Developer Freelance

july 2012 - december 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Ruby on RailsJQueryMySQL


Beijing Jiaotong University

2014 - 2015, Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China
Project Management
Quality and Process Software Management
BigData (Hadoop)
Software training (Node.js & AngularJS)
Chinese writting and oral

Epitech - European Institute of Technology

2011 - 2016, Paris, France
Group projects



Lived 6 months in Edinburgh


Native Language


Lived 1 year in Beijing

Personal Work


Tools to plan and manage projects schedules

Noihara is a web application to help you manage your projects in a team. It will have the most user friendly interface possible, the ability to manage diagrams like Pert and Gantt, schedules, chats, etc.
The project was born after having tested Asana, Basecamp and other tools to manage the Citywarfare project. This project allows me to test and improve my knowledge about various technologies.

MicroserviceGolangRedisMongoDBKafkaElasticsearch - ELKDocker


Mobile game with reality augmented

Citywarfare is a multiplayer war game in augmented reality created during our curriculum at Epitech. It will have mobile applications and a web interface. The user will be able to play in a world game and in custom games with different game modes available. We are 7 in the Citywarfare team.
I supervise the backend architecture and build the API and its design.

Ruby on RailsCodeIgniterAPIMongoDBBackend ArchitectureUX - Design


Computer game RTS

Resume Hexatyla was a project built in a mandatory 3-months time during our undergraduate year at Epitech. We were 5 in the team to work on this project.
The project was a real challenge and we chose to only use a low-level rendering engine to build the core of the project. It has 3 parts, a server, a client application, and a web application. The web application allows to manage the race, map, and tech. tree to help having a modular game.
We have been strongly congratulated about the work we put on eventhough we could not finish it in the set time constraint.

C++MathematicsAlgorithmsOgre3DJavascriptTeam Leader